Estimated Measurements

This is for use as a guideline for general yardage estimates. We strongly suggest you consult with your workroom or upholsterer for your exact requirements. 




To use this chart, first add the fabric's vertical and horizontal repeats together (for example, a 10" vertical repeat plus its 17" horizontal repeat gives a 27" total).

Then find the appropriate entry on the chart, and increase the yardage estimate by the percentage indicated.

For example: The yardage estimate is 8 yards of 54" wide fabric to cover a chair and the pattern on the fabric repeats horizontally every 17" and vertically every 10".

Add up the repeats (17" + 10" = 27") and find the appropriate entry (20% in this example).

Twenty percent more fabric is needed to cover the chair while matching the pattern at the seams: 8 yards plus an extra 20% is 9.6 yards.

Round up to the nearest whole yard for good measure; in this case, round up to 10 yards.